How They Work

• To get a survey set up and running for your employees, simply drop us a note telling us how many employees and when you want it to run. We quote you a price. When you say "go", we send you our Survey Qustions Master List.

• You choose the questions you want included (you can edit or change any…or add your own). We then design and present your web questionnaire to you for approval.

• Your questionnaire will include up to 70 single-statement questions divided mong various categories such as "The Credit Union", "My Job", “My Department”, “My Supervisor”, “Working Conditions”, “Compensation & Benefits”, “Committees & Activities”, etc.

• Each statement is structured on a five-point response scale– from “Strongly Agree” to “Strongly Disagree”.

• Then we set you up with a private Internet address, and send you a supply of confidential passkeys. You introduce the survey to your people and explain its purpose and the process at an all-staff meeting (we can help you with instruction handouts for this). You distribute the passkeys.

• The survey is done entirely on-line. Each employee opens to a private web address and enters an exclusive passkey to gain anonymous access to a single questionnaire. Employees complete these at their own work stations or designated computers with Internet connections… or even at home.

• When they “click” to advance to the next screens, their responses are recorded directly to our server.

• We then prepare your report. It includes a complete statistical summary of all scores, separate chart pages showing responses for each question category, and a listing of every entered comment, just as your employees submitted them. The report comes to you as a .pdf file.

• If you have more than 40 employees, we will provide detailed breakout data for departments/ divisions, branches, part-time/ full-time, length of employment— any groupings of seven or more staffers. (Why this limitation? We promise anonymity to participants; fewer than seven responses might compromise this pledge.)

• We follow-up with ideas, instructions and suggestions regarding employee involvement processes you can then apply to improve performance within your credit union. And-- we prepare anything you might need in the way of presentation materials (because sharing information back with your people is the most critical thing!) extra charge.

The entire project–start to finish–takes just four-to-six weeks!


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