The People Who Work For You

…how much do you actually know about what they think? Do you know their personal desires?..their issues, concerns, frustrations?..what they particularly like or dislike about the credit union? More to the point, have you ever listened to their ideas for making things better?

If you do want to know any of this— and you should— just ask! Give your employees a chance to share their views with you, candidly…but in confidence, and they will!

Think of this: Listening is a powerfully effective leadership skill. By asking your people how they view their working situation, by soliciting their ideas and suggestions, and by really listening to what they say, you enable them to join in as part of the solution. There is no better way to win "buy-in" from those so critical to the success of your operation! Conducting an on-line survey for your employees is one of the least expensive and most direct ways to improve morale and enhance teamwork and inter-department cooperation. You’ll never get such strong and immediate results from anything else you do, as you can this way!

And now— do it all on the Internet. It could not be much easier.

It’s Part Of “HP”

If you’ve looked at other parts of this website, you’ll know that our professional commitment to credit unions is to help them achieve “High Performance” status. And if you read the serious management publications, you see frequent references to the power of “participative management”— involving employees in improving internal operations in order to increase productivity. Well that is just what our employee survey process is all about.

The technique is simple. Your people will focus more deliberately on the credit union's performance objectives if, and when, you pay more deliberate attention to them— their ideas, their feelings, their observations. Listen to them! Show explicitly that you do hear their comments and suggestions, and you'll generate a climate of positive energy that will lead to improvements and personal motivation like you've never seen before!

A word of caution: Be sensitive to the implications of employee surveys! Whether you intend it or not, you'll be building expectations, so have a clear sense of how you will follow up.

For instance, will you share survey findings directly with employees? We strongly recommend it. Do you plan to invite their ideas and suggestions regarding changes that might solve problems and improve working procedures? This, of course, is how you'll gain the greatest long-term benefits from your survey efforts.

To get a survey started– just drop a note. Then:

  1. We'll send our Survey Questions Selection List.

  2. You tell us when you want to run your survey.

  3. We design your questionnaire and present it for your approval.

  4. We post your survey to a private web address, send you the necessary “Passkeys”, then it's go!

The entire project, from start to finish, can be completed in just four-to-six weeks!

To see what our surveys look like and how they work, take a quick “Test Run”.


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